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Hebrews 7

All Scripture is quoted is from the REV Revised English Version
For a bit of context let’s go back to 6:13
13 For when God made a promise to Abraham, since he had no one greater to swear by, he swore by himself, 14 saying, Surely I will bless you greatly, and I will multiply you abundantly. 15 And thus, having patiently endured, he obtained the promise.
This is a Hebrew Idiom.
Lamsa translates this from the Aramaic
Look at verse 14 it says Saying, Blessing, I will bless you and multiplying, I will multiply you.
The Hebrew Aramaic text handles it this way:
14 saying: "With blessing, I will bless you, and with increase, I will increase you.”
Old Abe endured and recieved some of what God had promised the rest will come after the resurrection of the just.
16 For people swear by that which is greater than themselves, and for them an oath given for confirmation is an end of every dispute. 17 In the same way, God, intending to show more convincingly to the heirs of the promise the unchangeablene…